CRYPTEX central

Quick and easy to switch from one to the other function. All functions are built course. Some additional functions can be accessed by clicking the can right mouse button. Thus the recovery and backup function.

Zentrale Zentrale Zentrale


It can be restored both single selected files as well as the entire contents. You can always easy to understand to what file, file type and size is. The output directory can be selected as required.

Wiederherstellung Wiederherstellung Wiederherstellung

Backup files

Thanks to the multi-level security system you can adjust many parameters and modify them. The conversion process is fast and easy to understand.

Sicherung Sicherung Sicherung

Sicherung Sicherung Sicherung

Database usage

Rapid information on the selected database, containing the total size of all fragments, number backed up files, average number of fragments per fragment size, etc.



Database management

A powerful and feature-rich tool to all backups to manage extensively and edit. Original file name, fragment name, location, attributes can be changed anytime. The view can be changed in three representations. Single backups can easily be imported into a separate database. Another database can also be integrated easily into the existing DB.

DB-Verwaltung DB-Verwaltung DB-Verwaltung

DB-Verwaltung DB-Verwaltung DB-Verwaltung

DB-Verwaltung DB-Verwaltung DB-Verwaltung

Change attributes and file names

Nothing could be easier done than change file names and attributes. Again, you have the choice between a single file that you want to edit or the contents of a directory hierarchy first. The file date can be added back to the Millennium year 2000th In the future can be changed. The renaming of files is carried out according to their own specifications. For this purpose can also be used a counter.

Attribute Attribute Attribute